• Trustless

    We never take custody of user assets. Our products are as secure as the underlying blockchain. No client funds lost, ever.

    If it's not trustless, it can't be trusted.

  • Established

    London based BD team, European dev office, Stanford alumni founder. Capital raised from the smartest investors in Silicon Valley.

    2 years young and sticking around.

  • Secure

    Impregnable decentralized products by design. As little centralization as possible. On-chain orderbooks, matching and settlement, proprietary node infrastructure.

    Trust less, build more.

  • Pragmatic

    We build practical, sensible products that solve real user problems. Tens of thousands of users, hundreds of thousands of transactions.

    We don't care for fantasy use-cases.

  • Integrated

    Robust trading APIs mean integration with 12+ brokerages & liquidity pools, listing on all leading data aggregators and major algorithmic trading apps.

    Because reputation matters.

  • Privacy Centric

    No logins, no emails, no passwords, no spam. Products as private as technically feasible. All market participants are equal.

    Wasn't that the whole point?

Fully trustless exchange for Ethereum-based assets. Featuring on-chain custody, matching and settlement

  • 983

    days live

  • 0

    ETH accounts trading on token.store

  • 100%

    of ERC20 tokens tradeable without a listing*

  • $0

    client funds compromised

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* when using address trading feature

World's first fully trustless exchange for EOS-based assets. Featuring on-chain order-books, custody, matching, settlement and listing.

  • 0

    0 commission, 0 transaction fees, 0 listing fees, 0 gas

  • 0.5

    seconds to match, execute and settle a trade

  • 1

    click transactions: trade straight from your wallet without depositing or withdrawing

  • 1st

    EOS exchange to formally audit its smart contract

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EOS account creator

  • — Fastest, simplest, easiest way to create an EOS account with ETH
  • — Create an EOS account in one click
  • — 0% mark-up
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EOS web wallet

  • — Manage your EOS assets from a simple, easy to use web based UI
  • — Non-custodial. No apps, no downloads, no passwords, no data collected. Import your wallet with just a private key
  • — No ads — 100% free
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White-Label Trustless Exchange Solutions

The market leader in custom trustless exchange development work

As one of the first trustless exchange companies, we've been building pioneering decentralized products in the rawest of ecosystems since 2017.

We have experience building and operating single-token trustless exchanges, regulated digital asset (security token) exchanges, and proof-of-concept trustless exchanges in testnet blockchains.

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experience building trustless exchange products in six different blockchain ecosystems

token.store created by employees and alumni of

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