Trustless EOS exchange you can trust

EOS is the future

instant, fully
trustless transactions

token ecosystem

no more gas fees

decentralized operating system which can support industrial-scale decentralized applications


A single source of truth
to make trading fair and
transparent for all

On‐chain Settlement

On‐chain Order book

Your digital assets are safe
in our smart contract

On‐chain Custody

No need to deposit your funds before trading - trade tokens with a single transaction directly from your wallet

One‐click Trading

Ensures transparency
and unparalleled security
after trades have been executed

The core logic of the exchange is implemented on top of EOS, as a smart contract

successful ETH transactions



users worldwide from over 170 countries

2 years

of trusted leadership in the trustless exchange space
(genesis transaction)

...and no ICO legacy,
just useful products


From the team that brought you ETH

We're just getting started

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